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Time and Prejudice

As Jane Austen stood beside her desk one afternoon,

jane austen

She heard a strange whirring, and then the squeaky door opened.

the doctor enters

“I’ve got just the thing for that door,” said the Doctor as he entered the room. He took aim at the hinges and whipped out his sonic screwdriver.

“No, wait you mustn’t …” Jane exclaimed but her words were drowned out by the loud cry of another being.


dalek attacks

“Exterminate Mr. Darcy?” cried Miss Austen. “Inconceivable. You cannot begin to fathom the power of my fiction. Mr. Darcy is not for you nor even I, his creator, to exterminate. His life extends beyond the pages and into the very fabric of the universe. You cannot destroy that which eludes you so completely.

Now if you would be so kind as to leave my sitting room I shall refrain from rendering you ridiculous for all eternity.”

the dalek flees

What could the Dalek do, but flee from such a lashing?

The Doctor turned to Miss Austen with a look of pure admiration, and their conversation became to intimate for this blogger to report…

an intimate conversation