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Rock Stars Don’t Need Sleep

For Christmas, my brother gave my sister the X-box game Rock Band. Yesterday, she picked up the guitar, mic and drum kit set that lets you play the game. So last night we formed a band – I’m on drums, Micah’s playing guitar, and Heather’s our vocalist.

And oh my, that game is serious fun!!! We played as a trio until 1:30 when I had to bail to get home and sleep before work today. I hear from Heather that they played as a duo until 3am.

Heck with laundry and Netflix, I can’t wait to play again tonight! Woo hoo!


Still, I’m so sleepy. And my right shoulder is quite sore, nothing a little knitting won’t work out though. And oh yeah, and I got email from Carrie (the host of the Socks in the City podcast). Turns out that Carrie, like I, recently discovered the devilish fun that is Dexter. She was inspired to dye up some yarns, and I had to have some. The yarns I ordered are ready for shipping. I’m gonna knit some socks for Micah (his birthday is in February). I found the perfect pattern this morning after a simple search on Ravelry (what a huge help that fantabulous site is!).

But tonight, tonight I return to my life of a drummer and rock star!

Current Netflix: Away From Her & Jeeves and Wooster: Season 4: Disc 1

Edited to  add screen shots of Heather’s character:

piper1      piper2