3 thoughts on “General Update

  1. Awesome!

    I won’t say Rogue is an easy pattern, but it is definitely broken down into small enough chunks that it is quite manageable.

    I actually used Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease for it, because when I started it, I was in the “must be machine washable” mindset. (I’ve sort of gotten over that by now.) It worked pretty well, actually, but I think a nicer, purer wool would be better.

  2. What pattern are you thinking of using for the Sock Swap? And if you are knitting Rogue please post pictures. I need to come up for a visit next month. It feels like it has been to long.

  3. I like Interweave’s Flying Butteress pattern but it calls for magic loop method which I have yet to master. I also like their Ambrosia pattern. Plus I found a fun pattern in an old Calendar of daily Patterns.

    I turned the heel on a baby sock for Natalie last night, it’s called Cool as a Cucumber, but since I’m using the leftover yarn from my Scottish Highlands “Socks that Rock ” yarn, these will be warm as baked zucchini. :)

    I have the Rouge Pattern somewhere, but I haven’t found the right yarn for it yet.

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