4 thoughts on “Movie List 2005

  1. How can you “prefer” Chronicles Of Narnia book to the movie, when you say you’ve not seen the movie? Now you can say you usually prefer a book to the movie adaptation… but then that’s not a flash of enlightenment… most do. You shouldn’t say you prefer it in this case unless you actually see the movie. The movie is actually exceptionally well made, and most say it follows the book as well as any movie could.

    Just $.02, from the originator of the great movie show.

  2. I meant I prefer the movie of the book that exists in my head rather than the one someone else made. And though I hear it is great (and I respect those opinions), I’m still gonna pass.

    As for books generally being prefered, I can name one movie that was way better than the book: The Last of the Mohicans. Dreadful book, beautiful movie.

  3. Ok, so I’m a late-comer to your blog. But based on my concurance with your top 2, I’ve got some more to rent.

  4. Disclaimer: I finally saw Sin City, and I really liked it. I was skeptical that the comic could translate to film, but Robert Rodriguez did a fabulous job. Yeah, the misogyny is deplorable, but not unexpected. So strike that from my bottom 5 but it wasn’t good enough to replace anything in the top 10.

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