12 thoughts on “the Obligatory Non-Knitting Post

  1. ohh lordie happy feet sucked. hehe.

    i did, however, love the prestige. not a happily ever after… in fact, it kind of leaves an icky feeling in the pit of your stomach. but oh by was it good.

  2. Our Mutual Friend could be the water ride. The river plays a major part of the book. It would be interesting trying to avoid dead bodies in the Thames.
    I had fun this weekend.

  3. The Prestige never arrived and yet Netflix sent me an email saying they received it on Saturday! What the hey?!?!?!

    And thanks for visiting Stephanie, I had a great time with you, as always. Even if I didn’t buy any yarn to blog about.

  4. You should know that before Charles Dickens found success as an author, he was a newspaper reporter covering the London river front. One day a large sea monster swam up the river, threatening the city. The citizenry united and killed the sea monster. Unsure of how to dispose of the body and observing the great hunger of the population, the sea monster was delivered to a local butcher who made it into sausages. Thus, Dickens wrote in his article: “It was the beast of Thames, it was the wurst of Thames.”

  5. Hmmm…..no knitting discussion allowed? I suppose we could have a great discussion about TULIP but it appears we would both be saying the same thing..

    I love to read Piper,too. In fact, right now our SS class is going through one of his videos, ‘What to Do When You Don’t Desire God’.

    Hope you are having lots of fun in the Hogwarts Swap!

  6. I’m so glad to hear that about the socks. My first STR order ships today or tomorrow. Read the blog about the second order. I hang my head in shame.
    I picked up a few things for your sock pal and mine. I also bought a time turner and Gryffindor Hoodie for myself. I have no will power; I needed a new hoodie and it was black and really cute.

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