Lent 2009

As a youngster, I used to read the Chronicles of Narnia every summer. Sometimes more than once a summer. When I got older, other books crowded out those summer reading days and then work left less time for reading.

I grew up in a Baptist church that observed only the core events of the traditional church calendar (Christmas and Easter). I never learned about Lent until college.

I love the whole idea of Lent, the ties to tradition, the discipline of denial, the beauty of sacrifice.

Still with me? Wondering perhaps what Narnia and Lent have to do with each other? Well, sometime during college, I think after a season of giving up chocolate, I came up with the idea of reading the Chronicles during Lent. Instead of sacrificing, I would refocus. Well, and perhaps sacrifice reading less meaningful novels.

I didn’t do it last year, and I rather missed it. So this year, I am reading them and will be blogging the experience as well. So look for at least weekly posts at least until Easter.

Current Netflix: Doctor Who S4 D5