A Morning in the Life of a Well Traveled Sock

So here we are at our home away from home, the Hilton Grand Vacation Club on International Drive. We were up on the 8th floor in a 2 bedroom suite with an adjoining studio (total: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, dining area, 2 screened porches, and a full kitchen).

And by we, I mean Mom, Dad, Heather, Micah and myself. And the sock.

Wednesday morning, while Dad & Micah went to SeaWorld and Mom & Heather took a day off, the sock and I went to Disney World.

We drove to the Transportation and Ticket Center and caught a ferry over to the Magic Kingdom. The sock really appreciated the view of the Grand Floridian as we passed by.

Our first order of business? A photo op with The Poppins! She was quite taken with the two circs method and hoped to find a pair to add to her magical carpet bag.

After being fondled so gently, the sock was ready for fun. So off we went to Tomorrowland!

Our first ride of the day? We snagged a fast pass for Space Mountain and then trekked over to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin!

I’m afraid the sock didn’t score high enough to beat me though, but to boost its self esteem, I let it chose the next ride. It wanted to see how far we’ve come so off we went to the Carousel of Progress.

Ironically, we made no knitting progress but still enjoyed the show.

We still had time to spare before our Fast Pass for Space Mountain was good, so we padded over to Mike Wazowski’s newest enterprise, The Laughing Floor.

The wait was once again ridiculously short but we were able to pass the time visiting with this lovely tourist.

He wanted to take the sock with him, but I couldn’t let go. Perhaps I should have though, because the sock heard the siren call of Fantasyland and whirled me away to the teacups.

While trying to get a picture of the socks in the cup, I inadvertently took a video of the spinning.

Tea Cups

We staggered onward through Fantasyland towards my favorite ride Peter Pan and somehow ended up in a Small Small World (I blame the tea cups), but with a new Fast Pass for Peter Pan.

Having obtained a new fast pass, we doubled back towards Space Mountain, but we were seduced by the posted 20 minute wait time for Pooh’s Many Adventures. We hopped into line, tigger style. We were even given a red tag to measure our wait time.

Good thing too. The sock was thrilled to finally be in a slow moving line so I knit on it. We got all the way to the heel flap divide before getting into our car.

When we exited, we discovered that the posted wait was 50 minutes. Yep, we spent 50 minutes waiting for Pooh. We were too hungry to face Space Mountain so off to the Harbor House in Liberty Square.

Fish and apple chips, yum!

With a fully tummy, Space Mountain was once again off the table, but the Haunted Mansion was nearby so off we went.

We still had time until we could use our Peter Pan fast pass so we decided to wander over to Adventureland. When we passed the stocks, I just couldn’t resist.

to be continued…

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  1. I so tried! I walked into Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and saw Stitch near the exit doing pictures and said to the sock, “oh yeah, after this ride you’re meeting an alien!” But when we exited, Stitch was gone! I looped back to Tomorrowland later in the afternoon (next post coming soon), and Stitch was being escorted back to his cage which is apparently behind the Carousel of Progress! Missed him twice! I saw him the next day, but I was with my family and knew they wouldn’t want to stop for that photo op.

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