7 thoughts on “iTunes Genius?

  1. On the needles: Alpaca wrap (50%)
    Would an alpaca really NEED a wrap?
    Or is there a certain irony in shearing an alpaca, then using its wool to make a sweater to keep it warm?

  2. Strangely enough Coin Operated Boy worked for me. Several other choices failed, but The Dresden Dolls was a winner. Tom, an alpaca totally needs a nice Opera Wrap. What if it gets taken someplace nice?

  3. Yes, exactly like that. What if the alpaca is asked out on a night out on the town. It definitely needs a nice wrap to wear. I am so not up on my opera composers to respond properly.
    I laughed as soon as I started reading your response.

  4. Being an encyclopedia of generally useless knowledge is a mixed blessing.

    I wonder if anyone makes alpaca kilts? (And by that I mean kilts made from alpacas, not for alpacas. They really don’t have the knees for it.)

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