5 thoughts on “Woo – Finished Objects

  1. I cheated – I was looking at my profile on Ravelry, and then looked at the source code. I simply copied and pasted the code about finished projects. Easy peasy. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but for now, that’s my fix.

  2. If you’re using Explorer, Click View. Then click Source to view the source code of a website.

    It you’re using Firefox, click View. Then click Page Source (or press Control-U).

    Then do a search (Control-F) for finished objects. this will take you to the part of the code you need. If you want to keep the box layout, go up two lines to div class=’box recent_projects’. Then copy from there to the third /div after “see more…”

    Take that code and paste it into a text widget in your wordpress blog.

    The text pop up comes from the title= code. It was already there, I didn’t add it.

  3. I am impressed by your coding ability. I wouldn’t have thought to look at the code in ravelry. Are you up for a visit next weekend. My thesis interview is Thursday not Friday so I can leave at a decent time.

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