Hufflepuff Forever!

Wednesday night an owl transfigured into a FedEx delivery man, brought me a magical package.

I tore right into it,


and found my first pair of Hufflepuff socks and other goodies too!


My pal sent me a set of Crystal Palace size 1 bamboo needles (I love bamboo needles!), a skein of Cascade 220 in a lovely light blue, a handmade card, a tea cozy, a bookmark made by her daughter (so sweet!), the left over yarn from my sock (Bumblebee by Sock Pixie) and an entire book of sock patterns!!! Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I have looked at this book and almost bought it many, many times!

After properly squeeing over each item, I tried on my new socks. It was a bittersweet moment. The first sock was too tight to get over my heel. All was not lost though, the second sock fit just fine.


So Thursday night, I sat down with that first sock and undid the bind off. Then I ripped back one row, spliced another stretch of yarn in, reknit the last row, and re did the bind off with a very loose hand, and like magic, my new sock fit over my heel and I can now show them off!




Many thanks to my fabulous Hogwarts Sock Swap Round Two pal, Emma Amme Scamander.

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