Cutest Baby EVER!

Yep, I said it, and I’m sure if I ever have my own children, I will rescind this statement, but Natalie is the cutest baby ever! And here’s my proof (you really must click it for full sized cuteness):


I think the adorable hat really pushes this shot into the realm of absolute cuteness. Every baby should be so lucky to have a mom who crochets such a pretty cloche.

And here’s a shot I took from the hill behind my home last week.


And that’s why I live in Cayucos.


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3 thoughts on “Cutest Baby EVER!

  1. Travila, if you could be bothered to read older posts, you would know that Natalie is Andrea and Bret’s daughter and that Andrea and Bret are two of my closest friends. And that I knit a lovely blanket and a pair of socks for Natalie. 😉

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