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Mars Hill Audio Journal Discussion Group

Over on the side bar, you’ll notice a link to the Mars Hill Audio Journal. I’m a big fan of the Journal, and have subscribed on and off for the past several years depending on my budget. Recently, the smart folks on their staff have started producing the Journal in the mp3 format for a very, very good price. Leaving most Evangelical Christians with no excuse for not subscribing.

The problem with the Journal though is that it often leaves me wanting the conversations to keep going. I started thinking about putting together a group of folks who listened and also wanted to keep talking. I talked to a few people at my church, a few people at the office, and a consensus formed.

So it is my pleasure to announce the first meeting of the SLO Mars Hill Audio Journal discussion group at 7:00 pm on May 30th at the 7th Day Adventist Church on the corner of Osos and Pacific. We will be discussing volume 84, the January/February edition. Click here to read more about the group.

And to my delight, my old friend Matthew Dickerson is a featured guest on Volume 85 of the Journal which was released today.

Current Netflix: Tsotsi, The Queen, and a replacement disc of The Prestige shipped today. And all of you who warned me about Happy Feet, you were right. Fabulous animation and I liked the songs, but good grief, lay off the preaching…and racial stereotyping! Unacceptable in a children’s film.