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Tales of Firefly and Serenity related events

The Slow Clothes Movement

The essay from David Reidy’s Sticks and String podcast really got me thinking about why I knit. I even stole my blog title from his essay title.

While I do spend some time choosing specific yarns for specific people, I actually don’t worry about the recipient appreciating it. David does, most knitters do I’d dare say.

Don’t get me wrong, it is hugely gratifying when an item is properly cherished. The joy and thank yous from Serenity fans are the only reasons I was able to knit so many of those cunning hats (the monotony of 40+ hats was overwhelmingly tedious).

For me, knitting is far more about the process than the end product. The first sweater I knit was for my friend Nick on the occasion of his graduation from CalPoly. I started it nearly 4 months before he was due to graduate, and finished it about 6 months afterwards (I’m an even slower knitter than David I bet). I’ve never seen Nick wear it. To be fair, he moved to Oregon to do a master’s program and from there he moved to Seattle. So it’s not like we’ve spent that much time in each other’s physical presence since. We rely on Instant Messaging to stay in touch. I think the jumper came out smashing, and that opinion is not going to be swayed by Nick wearing it or not.

So if I’ve given you a hand knit item, and I never see you using it, I won’t be particularly offended. I may worry that you didn’t like it because I pegged your color or style preferences wrongly. This is doubly true for beanies. I knit a ton of them for people at church (mostly surfers), and I understand that they are pretty much reserved for post surfing wear. That’s just fine.

I do agree with David that the choice to make something by hand over a long period of time is what makes the gift special. That I take time to knit something specifically for someone shows that I value that person.

I do tend to deprecate my own talents though and defer the praises I receive about what I’ve made. My charge to those receiving my knitted items is to not let me get away with it. It is special, it is lovely, and darn it, worthy of a compliment or two.

wear a Browncoat to the Scooby meeting at the Hyperion

Back in Houston, I tried to get everyone I knew to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was unsuccessful. I made some friends who were already fans, but none of my other friends were interested in borrowing my tapes (yes I taped them all) and DVDs (when they finally came out) to catch up. I don’t mean to say that not watching Buffy was a deal breaker when it came to being my friend, but as it was such a big part of my life, I was a bit disappointed that no one else thought it worthy of their time.

But here in San Luis Obispo, I’ve made converts with absolutely no effort. All I did was recommend Firefly to a few fine folks who enjoyed it and looked up Joss Whedon on IMDB and learned that he created Buffy as well. Then they noticed that I had all seven seasons of Buffy on my shelf (plus 4 of Angel, but I’ll talk about that later). So armed with two pieces of knowledge (Joss created it and Jen likes it), they figured it was probably worthy of their time.

So Ryan and Sarah Miller borrowed Buffy S1 and, of course, liked it very much. Now Ryan works with Andrea Rooks and is best friends with her husband Bret. Ryan talked about Buffy enough to stir their interest, and they borrowed my S1 set directly from Ryan and Sarah (with my permission) who then borrowed S2 from me.

So now we’re up to 5 of us talking Buffy at gatherings, which caused our friend Brandon to become interested. So he borrowed S1. Now Brandon is an intern at our church (and I should mention that Bret is a deacon there); so, Brandon has many occassions to talk with our pastor, Brian. Turns out Brian is fascinated by vampire lore and had thought about watching Buffy but never quite got around to it for various reasons.

But now with Brandon, Bret, Andrea, Ryan, Sarah and myself advocating it, Brian and his wife Sally started watching Buffy. I feel like the Buffy ambassador.

Ryan and Sarah were the first to finish all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and as a thank you, they completed my collection by giving me the Angel S5 DVDs (Ryan and Sarah rock!). Currently, Bret and Andrea are watching S5 of Buffy and S2 of Angel. Brandon Netflixed around them and is on S6 of Buffy and S3 of Angel. Brian and Sally just finished S3 of Buffy and are taking a break to watch Veronica Mars (best. show. ever.), but will return to the Buffy universe soon.

I feel I should mention that I’ve loaned out my Firefly DVDs to Linda and George, Dan and Ashley, and Brad. And Bret and Andrea introduced me to Futurama while Ryan and Sarah got me hooked on Arrested Development. Brandon got me watching Farscape, and as soon as he finishes Bret and Andrea’s Cowboy Bebop DVDs, I’m next in line. My Freaks and Geeks and Wonderfalls DVDs have also made the rounds. Veronica Mars has been seen by George and Linda, Sarah and Ryan, Brandon, and Brad (Bret and Andrea bought their own set). After I catch up on Battlestar Galactica and Cowboy Bebop, I may borrow The X-Files from either Ryan and Sarah or George and Linda. And though folks have expressed interest in my Twin Peaks DVDs, I caution against watching them since S2 is not available. Not that the S2 finale provides closure of any sort, but still at least you kinda learn who killed Laura Palmer midway thru S2.

And the grand irony, I used to think so ill of TV. I still think there is an awful lot of drivel on the air and that most shows are too dumb to be worth the time (especially since commercials keep eating away at the hour-drama making it a 42 minute drama), but quality shows on DVD are a different matter altogether, plus I get so much knitting done whilst watching!