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Upgraded and Fixed

About a month ago, WP released a major update to the software. I followed all the steps and upgraded my blog. Bad idea. Bad bad idea.

In addition to hating the new interface, I lost all my editing icons. All those helpful click-able formating icons we all rely on so much. As a keyboard short cut fanatic, I suppose I rely on them less than some, but I still like having them. Especially for the commands I don’t use so often like block quote, and strike through.

Last week, WordPress released a major security update. So I installed that today. Since I was installing, I looked at all of the pathways for the icons and found that they had changed the naming system. Instead of looking for an images folder, the paths were looking for img.


I’m still not liking the new interface, but I was able to rename my folders and get my icons back.

So look for more regular blogs and of course the 2007 Movie List.

Current Netflix: Dan in Real Life & No Country for Old Men

Shameless pimpin’ of other blogs

I know I have a plethora of links over there on the sidebar, and I doubt many of you take the time to click through them all. Heck, if you’re reading this via a feeder (I love my Google Reader), then you don’t even know about the links on that thar sidebar.

So in case you haven’t surfed the links or found them on your own, I’d like to take a moment to recommend¬† two blogs:

Brandon Edmonds (aka SLO Wine Guy)  &  Flo and Josh Oaks.

Brandon recently launched his new blog about wine. He’s regularly posting reviews and will post heads up notices when a good local wine can be had at a great price. Talk about an excellent resource.

Flo and Josh’s blog is mostly penned by Flo and today’s entry is high-larious. I love this woman, and will be very sorry when she and Josh pack up the girls and move to Tennessee, but I’m very glad that I can keep up with her via her blog. She’s honest and funny, earnest and self-aware. And every now and then Josh’s sardonic voice entertains.

So if you’re not reading these two blogs already, click through and start!